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Coordinator: Fernanda Mota Alves



The main goal of this project is to deepen the research on memory and emotions in literature and the arts from modernity till today. The study of contemporary artistic representations of trauma will play a dominant role in the research. It will consider the role played by different media in changing canonised patterns and ‘natural’ expectations. The project will analyze the aesthetic – philosophical, literary and artistic - manifestations of memory and emotions in modernity since Romanticism. It will focus on the encoding and regulation of emotions and their deconstruction in the subsequent periods – a process that started with the emergence of Realism, evolved until the turn of the century and is still visible in contemporary art and literature. Our research also aims at addressing possible gender-specific codes for the regulation and the aestheticization of emotions. It will furthermore focus on the radical change that culture and the arts underwent in the digital era and on the impact of the media and the new technologies in the cultural dimensions of memory and emotion.



Digital publication: Mnemotions
Books: Estudos de Memória. Teoria e Análise Cultural
Series of meetings: “Shoah”: Leituras em Contraponto Dissonante (February 2014)
One-day meting: A Primeira Guerra Mundial: Fractura Exposta e Consolidação Viciosa (1914 – 2014)(September 2014)
International meeting: Aesthetics of Emotional Restraint (November 2014)


Previous Activities:

  • Data-base: Transit
  • International Meeting:  Philology, Memory and Forgetfulness (November, 2008)
  • International Meeting:  Aesthetics of Emotion: worlds of affects, books of experience (October 2009).
  • International one-day meeting: Rhetorics of Empathy (November 2012)




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